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Kayla Jay
23 April 2013 @ 03:32 pm
Yesterday was my birthday. I turned twenty four which is really nothing to get that excited about. Its about as thrilling as turning twenty three. Or twenty two.

Anyways, I had been putting aside money for a couple months to get a new computer because my shitty old Dell is shitty and I hate it. Combined with the money my parents and grandparents gave me, I was able to get an Acer Aspire M, a fancy touchscreen ultrabook that I'm more or less in love with. I wanted to name it Danaerys Targaryen but the name was too long, so I named it Thunderhorse. Thunderhorse and I are very happy together.

I should also let you know that Michael got me tickets to see The Book Of Mormon in Chicago. I uh, I made it very clear to him how much I appreciated the gift. Ahem.

Since I still had birthday money left (and no bills left to pay) I finally bought myself an epilator, which is basically this little doohickey that pulls all your body hair out one by one so you don't have to shave anymore. The general consensus with epilators is that the first time you use one hurts like hell, and every other time feels just fine. I just hate having my legs. My hair grows so unnaturally fast (everywhere) that I can shave my legs in the morning and have visible stubble before the day is over.

Mike and I are buying our Hawaii tickets very soon. I have all the money I need in my account, all we have to do is take an evening to look for ticket prices and decide what days will work. Once we actually settle on a day I'm global be going out of my mind till we leave.
Kayla Jay
23 July 2012 @ 05:13 pm
Hello all my LJ people.

I apologize for my disappearance. Comcast was supposed to come to the apartment (MY APARTMENT. IT'S MINE. IT'S MY APARTMENT AND IT'S AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND BETTER THAN YOUR APARTMENT) on Friday but for whatever reason, they decided not to show up. Therefore, I haven't had proper internet for over a week. Comcast should be here tomorrow so sometime soon, I can tell you about my move and show you all pictures of my place. I miss you guys. Stay out if trouble.